Art is a diva

Art creates divine moments.
At the end the process of creation, the passion for paint and light becomes essential.
The conclusion happens at the viewer`s imagination. Mary Dee


Mary Dee/ Portrait-2013

Mary Dee’s paintings, most of them large-sized, are an expression of pure passion.Up to the last detail of colouring and illumination, the perfect balance between concreteness and abstraction creates unique areas of visibility.Here the figurativeness of old craftsmanship comes together to modern media clippings. This adds up to a sensual combination of mystical and metaphorical language, which tells stories about the complexity of human being and therefore the viewer will be brought back to aspects of his own existence.


Curriculum Vitae

Mary Dee was born 1967 in Redwood City, California

A-Level in 1988, Neustadt/Weinstraße

1989 – 1994: Studies of Art at Academy of Mainz, Master of Art

1995 Member of the Union of Fine Arts

For more information have look at my catalog: Mary_Dee_ Catalog_ Fine_ Art


Mary Dee

Schütt 10

D-67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße


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Mary Dee Portrait

Mary Dee Portrait

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